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Week 1 Jan 1 - 7

January 1

Everything (INXS) and our children

January 2

Deliver Me (INXS) and reaching out and towards with Depression

January 3

The Loved One (Easybeats) and the bereavement process

January 4

Just Keep Walking (INXS) and to keep moving with exercise and when intrusive and suicideation thoughts occur

January 5

Shallow (Bradley Cooper)

January 6

Fade To Black (Metallica)

January 7

Jesus Was A Man (INXS) and the meaning of Orthodox and Christmas growing up


Week 2 Jan 8 - 14

January 8

Roadhouse Blues (doors)

January 9

Diamonds And Rust 2.0 (Joan Baez)

January 10

Starman (David Bowie)

January 11

I Will Always Love You (Whitney Houston and Chris Cornell)

January 12

Roller Skating (INXS) and Zayn Malik

January 13

One Thing (INXS)

January 14

Pretender 9th CoMan-Ment (Foo Fighters)


Week 3 Jan 15 - 21

January 15

Give Peace A Chance (Sean Lennon)

January 16

Jans Song (INXS) Jan Palach

January 17

Reckless Ways (INXS) Jim Carrey

January 18

For The Good Times (Elvis) Michael Jackson

January 19

Addictied To Love (Robert Palmer)

January 20

Shandi (KISS) his father

January 21

Listen Like Thieves - War (Edwim Starr)


Week 4 Jan 22 - 28

January 22 (Michael Hutchence Birthday)

Never Tear Us Apart (INXS) Michelle Bennett and his tomb

January 23

Boys are Back in Town (Thin Lizzy)

January 24

Multinstrumentalist, Lead Singer,

The Band

Died 4/3/86. Suicide by hanging (42)

January 25

Lead Singer of Ska Band, No Doubt

Died 21/12/87. Suicide by Gunshot (18)

January 26

Underneath The Colours (INXS)

January 27

Epic (Faith No More)

Died 25/6/88. Heroin overdose (26)

Janaury 28

Lead Singer, Mother Love Bone

Died 19/3/90. Overdosed to Heroin (24 G)


January 29

Died 6/12/90. Heroin Overdose (42)

Adam Lambert,



January 30

Bitter Tears

Per Yngve Ohlin (Mayhem)

Arsenio Hall in 1990 and Rooftop Beatles 1969


January 31

Need You Tonight (INXS) Justin Timberlake


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