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mH. michael Hutchence Songs.

music to inspire mens mental Health as interpreted by SKIV(XS)


michael Hutchence

Songs & Others For

Mental Health Inspiration

Afterglow - What happens, the aftermath when someone passes from suicide. The afterglow song interpretation 


Baby Don't Cry - Babies cry. At a certain age young boys are told, 'girls cry, boys don't cry'


Beautiful Girl - the beautiful women, who love, support their women.


Bitter Tears - when someone passes suddenly we may get frustrated, angry and have bitterness.


Black and White - 2 sides to everything. Hot Cold, Day Night, Black and White.


Body Language - Teachers and experts that educate us about body language and understanding mental challenges.


Break On Through - breakthrough and see the 2 sides (the black and white) of experiences, people and events that may currently make you feel negative, belittled or down.


By My Side - The support of each other. The females, beside the male. The males need the females. Together side by side in this cause.  


Calling All Nations - Calling over 40 nations where suicide occurs in males in 75% of cases. We need to unite to seek the answers and understanding of each other.


Communication - the key to all relationships



Deliver Me - Dedicated to Tina. Michael recorded the song 3 versions - but I love the version on Mystify album 2019.


Devil Inside




Doctor. Doctor is to teach, to educate and to inspire from the hurtful lessons of life.


Dogs In Space - We have sent dogs and humans in space. What about creating and honouring safe space on planet earth and building resilience, grit and greater acceptance.


Don't Change - Don't change what we are doing. How can we ever expect a different outcome if we dont change?


Don't Lose Your Head - how to keep a level head in moments of craziness, or overwhelm


Elegantly Wasted (Better Than Oasis)


Everything - Everything we do for the children. Our children.


Feeling Good - Tony Robbins.



Girl On Fire

Gods Top Ten

Good Times

Guns In The Sky


Here Comes II

Hey Lord (Don't Ask Me Questions)



I Send A Message - My message to you is that we should all reach out to each other. Dont wait


I'm Just A Man - The name of our foundation and the gala. I'm = I am. I Give Myself Permission. Just = Justice and Morally Valued. A Man = A Human to create and express.

1st CoMan-ment.


In Vain


Into My Arms. Performed at Michael Hutchence funeral. Nick Caves son suicide two decades later.

INXS first Album




Jesus Was A Man - an incredible historical figure that changed humanity. Much respect.


Just Keep Walking - Keep moving when you have impulsive, intrusive and suicidal thoughts (suicideatiobn). The moment will pass. Also the importance of moving with walking.


Johnsons Aeroplane


Jumping - exercise. Springing movements.


Kiss The Dirt


Learn To Smile


Let It Ride


Listen Like Thieves - WAR




Merry Christmas


Miss Shapiro



Need You Tonight


Never Tear Us Apart


New Sensation


Not Enough Time


On A Bus

One By One

Original Sin




Pretty Vegas

Pretzel Logic




Reckless Ways


Roller Skating

Room For The Memory


Salvation Jane


Save My Life




Shine Like It Does


Silent Night


Simple Simon


Smoke On The Water




Space Oddity


Speed Kills


Spill The Wine




Stay Young - theme of Movember keep men from dieing young. Stay youthful


Suicide Blonde

Suffragette City


Take It

Taste It

Telephone - the importance and awarness of mobile telephones, texting, social media


Tiny Summer

The Answer

The Indian Song

The Loved One

The One Thing

The Stairs


Tiny Daggers

Tiny Summer

To Look At You

Three Sisters


Underneath The Colours

Under My Thumb


Wake Up

Watching The Detectives

Way Of The World

We Will Rock You

We Are The Vegetables (We Are The GrungeX)

We Are Thrown Together

What You Need

Whola Lotta Love

Wishy Washy