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The mH Logo & Founder


The mHutch logo is inspired by KISS, the Rolling Stones & INXS.


michael Hutchence was compared to Jim Morrison, Iggy Pop as well as inspired by Mick Jagger.



The lips and the mouth represent

the permission to express your voice and

need for all to speak up and out,

& open free dialogue conversation about mens mental health and the issues we face.  


Depression can appear as a smile.



The m in the top lip and the H in the tongue makes mH(utch) .

mental Health, michael Hutchence.




75% of suicides are male, and music and in particular michael Hutchence music inspires us to be able to create awareness and empower a difference to mens mental health.



Help me, Dr. Jim Skivalidas (SKIVXS, Founder of Im Just A Man Gala) and the amazing community of musicians and good people to help us to voice, speak up, communicate and look after each other with the power of mH(utch).

Who We Are

mHutch - the Logo

michael_Hutchence_2020_Logo michael_Hutcence